Greetings from Straddie, fellow explorers!

Today’s journey took us to the breathtaking Deadmans Beach on North Stradbroke Island – the perfect destination for a family holiday. The day started with a cloudy sky, making the surroundings look even more special.

We arrived just in time to see the first light of the day – a sunrise breaking through the clouds. Big, dark clouds were all around, looking like they might rain on us at any moment. But, as it turned out, they held off, giving us just a few drops here and there.

  • A cloudy sunrise over the seashore of Deadmans Beach, North Stradbroke Island.
  • A cloudy day at Deadmans Beach, showcasing the mysterious beauty of Straddie.
  • Rain in the middle of the sea against the yellowish skies of the sunrise at Deadmans Beach of Straddie.
  • A landscape view of the tranquil blue-green sea at Deadmans Beach with small waves rolling on the water's surface. On the horizon are the island mountains against a cloudy and raining sky.
  • A relaxing landscape view of Deadmans Beach Corner’s rocky coastline, turquoise seas, blue skies and grassy beachside forest.
  • A pristine white sand beach adorned with rust-coloured rocks and a beachside forest dominated by Whistling trees, a breathtaking view only at Deadmans Beach of North Stradbroke Island.
  • A view of Deadmans Beach, featuring a striking rocky shoreline and a turquoise sea with rolling waves, all set under a dark, cloudy sky.
  • A grassy cliff, complemented by the rocky coastline that leads to a calm sea and sky, a peaceful seascape in Straddie’s Deadmans Beach.
  • A cloudy day at Deadman's Beach showcases a beachside forest before the smooth sands and waves crashing against the coastline.
  • A landscape view of the tranquil blue-green sea at Deadmans Beach with small waves rolling on the water's surface. On the horizon are the island mountains against a cloudy and raining sky.

The wind was blowing from the southeast, providing some windbreak to Deadmans Beach and giving us a peaceful retreat from the usual bustle. It made the place feel cosy and inviting, which we all appreciated.

We weren’t the only ones making the most of this glorious morning. Many locals were out and about, engaging in a variety of activities. 

We saw fishermen diligently fishing and waiting for their catch of the day. And early birds stretching their legs on a morning walk, and dog owners playing fetch with their furry pals.

Sea transitioning from deep blue to turquoise, gentle waves hitting the beige sand, figures enjoying the shore and cloudy skies – an inviting scene only at Deadmans Beach of North Stradbroke Island.

The waters were included, too, with one surfer skilfully surfing and riding the waves, a stand-up paddleboarder elegantly gliding across the surface, and a brave soul diving in for a swim!

Nature had its surprises too! Someone had generously left some fish scraps on the rocks, which made for an easy meal for a sea eagle and the seagulls. Seeing these avian locals feasting, their joyous squawks echoing in the morning air, was a beautiful sight.

Four seagulls feasting on leftover fish scraps on the wet surface of a reddish-brown rock, a scene captured on the shores of Deadmans Beach, Straddie.
Four seagulls in flight, searching for food near the shore against the backdrop of Deadmans Beach, North Stradbroke Island.
A lone egret, elegantly perched on a slab of wet reddish-brown sea rock, this scene is against the blurred Seaview of Deadmans Beach, one of Australia's sweet paradises.
A Black Kite bird spreads its wide wings in flight on the peachy and cloudy skies of Deadmans Beach, Straddie Island.
Sea eagle

As we decided to call it a day and leave this beautiful beach, a banksia tree at the entrance caught our eye. Each flower was in a different stage of its lifecycle, a subtle reminder of the continuous cycle of life and growth. Standing tall and vibrant, the tree seemed to wave goodbye as we promised to return.

A landscape view of Banksia tree with a pristine coastline, calm sea, and striking clouds in the backdrop, a lively scene in Deadmans Beach.

And so, another day of capturing the heart and soul of Straddie ends, only to be renewed with tomorrow’s sunrise. Until then, let’s keep celebrating this beautiful land, supporting the local businesses that make it thrive, and capturing snapshots that will forever remind us of its charm.

A wide view of Deadmans Beach’s rocky shores and beachside forest on a cloudy day.

Snapshots of Straddie

Dreamy moments like these at Deadman’s Beach encapsulate the allure of Straddie, and we at Snapshots of Straddie, are dedicated to capturing and sharing these enchanting sceneries.

Through our photography, we aim to transport you to captivating landscapes and wildlife in Stradbroke, introduce you to local wonders, and ignite your love for this island paradise.

Remember, each photograph is a moment captured in time, so every wall art and print we have is a visual proof of how we want to share our love for Straddie and bring souvenirs of her beautiful beach views to your spaces.

  • A close-up shot of a wave crashing against the rocky shore of Deadmans Beach, Straddie Island. The island, full of perfect spots for a family holiday.
  • A view of Deadmans Beach’s beachside forest and pristine white sands adorned with reddish-beige rocks.
  • A view of Deadmans Beach’s beachside forest with the formation of uniquely shaped and textured reddish rocks laid on the shore's pristine white sands.
  • A beachside forest with two distinct trail paths leading outwards the pristine white sands of Deadman's Beach, adorned with reddish stone slabs.
  • A trail path within the beachside forest and a view of pristine white sands, slabs of reddish rocks and cloudy skies at Deadmans Beach of Straddie Islands.
  • A view featuring reddish rocks at the base of the beachside forest, a winding trail through green trees and grasses, under the cloudy sky of Deadmans Beach.
  • A lush green beachside forest and a coastline adorned by rock slabs, against the backdrop of cloudy sky and sea. A scenic beach view only at Straddie’s Deadmans beach.

Do these gallery images of Straddie evoke any emotions within you? If you desire to experience the sensation of wind blowing through your hair and white sand tickling your toes just by gazing at these pictures, why wait and hesitate?

Straddie, in all its beauty and charm, awaits you. If you find these images alluring and beautiful, imagine how mesmerizing the experience will be. So why not travel and see Straddie in actuality?

Visit us, and let the magic of North Stradbroke Island envelop you in its warm embrace.

Dreamy at Deadmans, indeed. This seascape and coastal haven will truly allow you to relax. Until next time, stay adventurous, inspired, and most importantly, stay in love with Straddie – Australia’s coastal gem!

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